Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Sad Jesus"

"Sad Jesus" is often a request of Zoe's.  
She daubed the name after hearing a page from her Jesus Story Book Bible in which Jesus is crucified.  
For months now she been asking me to tell her the story over and over.  She knows it, she just wants me to tell her again.  I've never been asked to tell the gospel over and over to someone. What a privilege! 
She asks me to paint Jesus on the cross many times.  It's amazing to watch that little mind processing everything.  She is a big thinker. "Jesus died on the cross for Zoe," she will often say.
What a open heart that little Zoe has!  May I retell the story of the gospel over and over (even if it is just to myself), as there is nothing more we need to hear!   


  1. Thank you Jessica and Zoe for this great reminder of God's love for all of us!

  2. What a Blessing Zoe is! and for her to understand and accept all of the truths that she is learning. Usually the children will understand all of the "pretty" points of the Gospel. --Also, a Blessing for you to see and experience her spiritual development with your guidance! God Bless your family.