Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fooling it up in April

Spring is always a busy time of year as almost everyone in our family has a birthday and I'm wanting to be outside a lot more to enjoy the weather!  A good busy that is.  
We savored our last few days with Beach's parents.  Dona played with the homemade Playdough that she brought for Zoe in her Easter basket!
Zoe Loves to visit the kiosk (and I don't mind too much myself  ;-)
And for some reason she insists on taking her picture here (despite the sun glaring in your eyes)...
And here.
It was a lot easier saying goodbye to them when they were here for Christmas....so much harder when I don't know the next time we will see them.  Brings tears to my eyes thinking that it could be a year.  How I wish they were closer and the girls could spend more time with them!  I know how it is being far away from your grandparents and you miss so much as a child!  But it was special for the time we did have!

We got to go to Riverfront park with Lauren on her spring break!
This little sure does love her hoody!
Managed to squeeze a smile out of this little beaver!
Aunt Lauren gave an example on how to pose (Zoe didn't buy it).
Lauren climbed up the ladder and was there briefly...
And after taking this picture, got yelled at and hurried down.  Poor Lauren has the most gentle soul you will ever meet and would never do anything wrong on purpose.  So seeing her reactions to "getting in trouble" are priceless!  (Most of the mischievousness must have been used up on me.)
The little wasn't up for much riding in the stroller.  I can't say that I mind to much though.  When I have my carrier on it is like one big hug from this precious one.  I do love being so close, enjoying the outside and the beauty God has given us!

As the weather warms, there may not be as much clothes on Shiloh.  So much easier this way and I love seeing a little naked baby crawling around. 
This is one shirt that her Grandpa blessed her with!
No matter where Zoe is, if there is good music on....she is dancing to it. 
These girls are so cute together, giggles all around!
I think I will continue to take sleeping pictures of Shiloh for some time.  I just can't seem to get enough of that peaceful stillness.  My little baby doll!
We get a co-op box from the farmer's market every couple of weeks and Zo enjoys helping to unload it.  Upon seeing this bunch of Kale, she began chowing down...and stated that she liked it at that!
Park fun!
Zoe is getting a bit more brave, sliding by herself.
Now that she is older, arts and crafts are that much more fun.  Zoe enjoyed making this card for her dad for his birthday.  Painted her hands herself and everything!  Much growth from the little girl who did not want to get paint on her fingers.
Zoe prepared a wooden puzzle cake and wanted to deliver it to the kiosk, complete with song, for daddy's birthday (and picture near her favorite pole)!
Don't worry, Beach also got some real "special treats" that he requested. 
Double deserts are in order when we celebrate Beach and my dad's birthday together!
There are also secret shops to some not so healthy meals.  But it is hard to pass up getting paid to eat!
We try to squeeze some time in outside, as much as we can, before it gets too hot.  Shiloh is getting really big and it is so fun to see more of her personality come out. 
On the coffee front....Beach put up some new lights at the kiosk.  Great attention getter for those out in  the early morning!  
And now new reward cards, too!
I always enjoy his practice of his craftsmanship at home!  Beach is so skilled!

Play dates are also a blast!  
Especially when there are special snacks involved! (As you can tell my kiddos shoved them in their mouth they loved it so much.)
Another great month, another full heart of gratitude! 

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  1. I always love to read your reflections of the months. It helps me remember the good times and gives me a peek into your heart. You make me feel like one blessed mom! Love you!