Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter or as Beach says.... Resurrection Day!

What a special time of year!  My favorite thing about Easter was Zoe's response to when I woke her up on Easter morning.  When I told her what day it was she excitedly asked me if Jesus was alive now!  Yes my dear, may this always be the focus of the day and not on the other rituals and pretty dresses that can crowd around. 

 Although there were some of those, too.  Beach's parents were able to be down again this spring. 
Beach had to work but they went with the girls and I for their first Easter egg hunt. 
I felt somewhat concerned that they would not want to be bothered by such (purely my own issue),
but Donna said several times that she was so glad to come, as she never gets to do those types of things.
So we all had a good time!
On Easter, Beach's parents, also, gave them Easter Baskets....which the girls LOVED!
After church, we enjoyed lunch and took our time with it all....which lead to many struggles when we tried to take some family photos!
The girls were pretty tired and Zoe really just wanted to do her own thing. 
BUT my brother-in-law and sister are amazing at still managing to get some good shots!
Me trying to hold my kids down for a pic!
Time is so short and there are many things that I would like to do with the girls but yet just am not able to squeeze in.  I don't  even have time to look at pininterst anymore, which is where I used to see all the things I would like to do.  I did manage to go through the resurrection eggs the few nights before Easter, which Zo greatly enjoyed.  
But I wanted to do at least one other thing, when I came across a blog for the Resurrection Rolls I thought it would be perfect.  Zoe loves to help cook and this was something she really enjoyed.  A repeater for sure!
The yummy, gooey mess and another great opportunity to talk about the resurrection. 
Zoe enjoyed her goods and we made some special memories!

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