Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mini me turns three

I love the time when children get to be three (and up), as there so much more understanding. 
We had a lot of fun for Zoe's birthday celebrations!   
Starting out with a beautiful day at the zoo with my in-laws. 
It's so great that their spring break falls around Zoe's birthday, so they get to be there for such a special time!
They are a fun couple...that is for sure!
Sometimes...if you snap a picture real may just be decent.
Or if she gets a special birthday treat...then Zoe hardly noticed that I had my camera going!  Grandpa was excited to buy this for worked on it being okay. 
Well, at least we got one smile in this pic!
By the way aren't these outfits that my mom made to cute!  She has mad skills that I hope she pulls out more often  ;-)
I love seeing this spunk having a good time!
Shi was a trooper, as it was hours past her nap time.  Grandpa has a special touch.  She seems to really love him and always allowed him to hold her for long lengths of time (Yahhh for shopping for mommy and Grandma).  Briefly after this shot, to my surprise  she went out on his shoulder!
And stayed asleep in the car!  What!  Has that ever happened?

Then that awesome mom that I have had us all over for dinner that night. 
For awhile now Zoe has been talking about how she wants to play with the fragile tea pot set that we painted with my mom a year ago
She was told that when she turns three that she could use it.  
She was in heaven and didn't want to stop.
I love all her crazy expressions.
Although there were other fun things to move on too!
Such as her requested pink heart cake!
And some fun presents!  

We had a low key little party on our back deck to celebrate with some of Zoe's friend's.
How cute are these twins from next door!
Aunt Lauren adores her nieces! 
Zoe LOVED the fruit kabobs. My dad said he counted her going back for another one 11 times!  She was very pleased to help herself!
We had a little area for the kids to make a dancing wand (my mom's fab idea) and it was a big hit.
Thanks to Uncle Aaron, he captured some fun shots!
And some funny faces! (Yikes....a bug)
Zoe's request...chocolate cupcakes with pink!
Happy birthday to my fun, affectionate, dancing, dramatic, stubborn, smart, loving, sweet, attentive, careful, thoughtful, creative, lover of "little people", expressive, first born babe!  My days will never be the same after the birth of this precious three year old!

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