Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bring in the Spring - March is here

This has been a busy month!  Filled with lots of ups and downs, scares, close calls, brokenness and celebration!
 Our little turned one!  Beach's sweet grandmother from MI sent her a gift....she just loves books, and it is special to have her own toy (as most of her things are hand me downs from her sister).
Speaking of Shiloh's birthday....I was going through the many pictures that we took for the occasion and realized that I left out several that I really like.  So here ya go...
 Her first sugar had to be very much encouraged! 
 Thanks Grammy for making the yummy cake!
The men were awesome in giving the girls rides in circles! 
Zoe had her share of fun, too!!!
 She loves her aunt Lauren (and her inability to tell her no   :-)
I love that Zoe loves to run and dance so much, full of life she is!
That night we opened gifts where it was a bit warmer.  Danielle was so kind in sharing her birthday with Shiloh!
Clearly I have become a bit more laid back in my parenting.  Shiloh's face was a mess but happy like usual!
Now to the rest of March...
One evening, I was at a doTerra meeting when I got a panicked call from Beach.  Come now, Zoe has been really hurt.  I kept telling myself not to panic until I knew what had happened for sure.  I instructed Beach to meet us at the ER as I prayed and breathed my way there to meet him.  
I came in to see him in fright covered in blood.  Upon seeing me, Zoe burst into tears but was comforted by her mother's long embrace.  She had fallen into the TV cabinet and gotten a deep gash in her chin.  We waited in the ER way past her bed time and she seemed in shock.  She held her hands this way almost the entire time; I thought that there was something wrong with them, at first. 
Fortunately the Doctor who saw us was gentle and explained things in detail, only some strong tape would be needed.  However, it was so hard to hold my fragile baby down, as she was crying through the process for not understanding the pain it was causing her.  "I know the tape not supposed to come off for a few days, but what happens if it does?"  I remember asking.  Do nothing.  Well that is easy, and of course that is exactly what happened.  Now, though, I know I have some essential oils that I can use so we won't have to go to the ER if something like this happens again and they will help her to heal better. 
Beach was even more shaken up by the ordeal.  Seeing so much blood. An innocent fall.  Pain and confusion.  A strong reminder of how little control we have over these precious life's that we have been entrusted.  
I stayed home the following day from work to care for her and thankful that I did.  Poor thing was really out of it for the whole day.  It's amazing how such can really affect you.....I was glad that I could be the one to hold her!
On a happier note we were able to take Zoe to the circus a couple of days later. 
 I bought the tickets a month in advance with a great coupon and was ecstatic go!  
Of course Zoe still does not like her picture taken. 
So Beach and I just took our own. 
 Zoe did well, overall, besides wanting to lay down on the floor during intermission....not sure what that was about.  
 We, also, got to go over to Zoe's old baby sitter, Holly's, house one night.  Theses kids used to be best buds last year, as they spent so much time together!
 To say that they enjoyed decorating cookies would be an understatement!
Holly had a baby a few months behind Shiloh and they enjoyed some playtime as well!
Guess who got her first tooth!  Slowly but surely Shiloh's top little snaggletooth has begun to appear!
 Sometimes Zoe insists on sitting in a high chair like Shiloh does.  She, also, still insist on being called Baby Zoe repeatedly throughout the day.  Hoping that will die down soon.
We love eggs and enjoy them every morning   This pic captures a common habit of Zoe's that cannot be redirected!
I love that the weather is warming up...more time outside!
Does this momma heart good, and her littles as well!
 Little Shiloh still insists on lots of snuggle time at night, and sometimes will allow daddy to do so, too.  
 On the business end, things seem to be going well....almost paid off all our starting costs!  What a relief and blessing (our savings was only going to go so far).  Zoe loves to visit her daddy at work, especially when she gets to go in the kiosk.  I don't mind being served by such a pretty little thing either!
The town of Irmo had it's first wine testing and Loveland Coffee got to be a vendor.  It was such a fun night and I am thankful that I got to be a part of it with my hot man!
In great anticipation, with some anxiety about being away from the girls thrown in, and looking forward to some time of fellowship and growth, I was able to go to our women's conference this year.  
It has been a few years since I've gotten to go (and prob. won't be able to go next year).  Off to the NC mountains it is...had this to fill my belly on the way there!
I could write at length of our time there.  The theme was control, probably the issue I battle with the most.  The speaker was amazing.  I was broken, repeatedly   So much so that I could not stop my tears during one break out session. Sitting across from an amazing women that lost one of her children to SIDS, my mind could not stop racing from the thought of loosing one of my babes.  I have no control of keeping them completely safe!
I believe God is sovereign, believe it with all my being.  But sometimes I struggle with believing that He is good.  He has done nothing in my life to show me anything but his goodness, but there is so much evil out there.  So much heartache in the world that I know I'm not protected from it.  I know that things could happen, and God would still take care of me.  But it's scary, the thought of having to fall to learn to soar.  Lord continue to teach me how to be that trusting eagle!
I was able to meet many new women and even got to go hiking with some of them (and take some funny pics for a scavenger hunt - yes I found snow).  
I HATE heights but I climbed this tower at the end of our hike.  It was windy and the tower responded by swaying back and forth and it's many floors appeared unstable.  But I did it, reminding myself all the way that He is with me, no matter how scary the journey may be.  
The end was worth it, the view amazing, an awesome reminder of the Lord's beauty, power, sovereignty and goodness.

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