Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th (otherwise known as my birthday)

I have had major issues about birthdays since my youth.  But since BIRTHing children myself, I've tried to approach things differently.  Today I planned to not have pressure for anything.  To just enjoy my time with my girls and then with my family.  Mission accomplished.  I had a great one and feel well loved. Having low expectations sure is nice.
Back in the day I was spoiled with Beach making me breakfast every morning.  Since the coffee business rolled around, though, that just isn't doable.  But today he woke up extra early just to whip up one of his masterpieces for me!
I haven't wanted coffee since being pregnant (I know, a good thing).  But it means I can't take advantage of the best perk of our business and something I used to really treasure.  However, this day I decided a little caffeine in the form of a pumpkin spiced latte would be an exception.  
I was fully awake for the afternoon and actually felt more like my old self, a treat within itself.  It's the little things!
 If you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for a good deal.  So the girls and I hit up Firehouse Subs for my free sandwich and took it to Irmo park.  How cute is it that they, also, giveaway these hats too.  (I may have hit up another Firehouse later in the day to save for lunch for tomorrow ;-)
I love their expressions.

And the joy that they have for one another.  We have talked about how Shiloh is Zoe's BFF since she has been born.  A few days ago she listed many of her friends and at the end she noted that Shiloh was her best friend, her BFF.  May it always be girls!  One reason I love that they are only a couple of years apart.  They truly do get along well most of the time.
Later that night my mom made us a fabulous dinner, full of cheesy goodness - which this preggo craves - and topped off with a pumpkin cheesecake. What else could there be to wish for with a heart so full.
May I never forget the blessing I have in my family and to cherish them the way that they deserve.  Here is to another great full year!

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