Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The girl no one wanted

I realized I tried to downplay her greatness when she was younger.  I wasn't sure why but I now think it is because of how much I hate arrogance (chalk that up to a couple of previous bad relationships), and I didn't want to be one of those moms who bragged about her kids all the time.  Zoe did reach many developmental milestone early, and I think she is pretty amazing in general (she began wanting to walk with assistance at 6 months, fully walking at 10, was very verbal, had/has a memory like none other, is smart, kind, potty trained pretty easily, sleeps in her own bed, and has a killer smile). And while I still have those feelings of not wanting to come off haughty, I also want to recognize how blessed that I am with being given this amazing child (and amazing family in general).
I want to remember Zoe's special qualities (and all  my children) to and speak such into her life on an ongoing basis.  So this is post is for her, and the future her (although you're welcome to keep reading - but I will be speaking openly on her awesomeness).
Lately Zoe has been really into reading in her Jesus Storybook Bible about Jacob and his trickery marriage to Leah and Rachel.  Each time we get to the section where it talks about how Leah was not beautiful (and some thought she was quite ugly), Zoe insists that Leah was pretty.  Now I know that it is just a picture that was created, and she may just not think Leah looks bad in the picture, but knowing Zoe, I know that it is more.  Zoe is so watchful and caring.  So is often kind to her sister and others that she is around (yes, she is still three and has such 3-year-old behaviors that at time drive me crazy), her heart is just so tender and loving.  I have come to realize this more and more as she has gotten older and I am around many other children.  

So the other night, in getting to a page that again talked about how no one liked Leah (besides God)  because she was ugly, Zoe laid over the book on my lap.  I tried not to get annoyed, as I could no longer see and this seemed to be another step of a prolonged bed time. But (thankfully) I just asked her kindly what she was doing, "I was giving her a hug."  She does not usually hug pages in the book, but it just seemed to her that Leah could use a hug and some love, so she was just going to do that.  I wish I could do that so easily as well, see someone in need and just love on them without hesitation, even if it seems silly or not to make sense.  
This is just one small example of the love she has to give.  So my amazing Zoe, may you never lose that.  I know your heart will always be tender and I pray that you are always open to loving those that need it most!

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