Friday, September 30, 2016

September schedules and surprise! ('16)

Despite the disappointment of continuing to have warm weather and health issues, there were many joys this month.
The kids were beyond excited with the cinnamon rolls and cookies we brought home from Michigan. "A little piece of heaven" did not disappoint.
The presents and dresses were a hit as well!
Shiloh started dance!!!  I'm not sure if it is something that she will want to stick with for any length of time but I'm happy that she was looking forward to it (and that we had Zoe's clothes to wear from last year).
Ezra insisted on a picture with him as well!
Beyond excited that her cousin could be with her in class!
Shiloh has the same dance teacher that Zoe did....she is awesome and everything a true ballerina should be!
The littlest of cousins get to read and hang out as we wait!
Love them and their faces!
Zoe had a big crowd cheering her on for one of her games!
Love that the library has PJ story time once a month so the girls can enjoy some time there again!
I have the only September birthday in our family!  Beach got up extra early to make me breakfast.  The girls got up extra early, as well, to make me cards and decorate....oh glitter!
It was a school day for both the girls, so I got some extra special boy time with my littlest love, as we enjoyed the great park weather and birthday snacks.  It's such a blessing that he is old enough to just "be" with me and I can read my Bible, too!
A yummy dinner and presents at my parent's house to cap off an awesome day!
I found that I was fighting a parasite, which lowers your immunity in general.  I caught a nasty cold to go along with one Sunday morning my church time looked like this!
Then that evening Zoe came home from our community group complaining of a hurt wrist.  It didn't look any different and due to it being late and this momma feeling awful, we decided to wait to see how she was in the morning.  Well still in pain I took her to the doctor in which we found that it indeed was broken.  So our first cast experience. 
We were both completely worn out with the whole ordeal and appointments through the day!
Side note...Crazy new straws can be very exciting!
If we get the girls in bed on time, this little man gets a little time before he has to go down.  Often this means some extra attention and love!
It was Okra Strut time again, which means our local parade right in front of the kiosk.
My parents and some friends were there!  It was sunny but I was so thankful that it wasn't raining this year or to hot!
Daddy even got to take a little break to come join us.  The kids were ready to collect candy!
When I was finally feeling up to it, Beach and I got to get away for my birthday date.
Beach had gotten his type A wife matching planners so we could "be on the same page".  So we got to do our first planning session at the lake at sunset after dinner.  It was wonderful (at least in my eyes  ;-).
We are in tooth loosing season...Zoe lost her second.  Good thing, too, as her permanent ones start growing in behind already!
During one of our no nap days, poor buddy couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep on the couch!
Those are big shoes to fill....but I bet you will be up to it all to soon!
We've enjoyed you September but really hoping everyone stays well next month!

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