Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strut it out

So with all the heat, this prego is not a fan of going outside much right now. So I was excited that fall is here!!! In that we live in the big metropolis of Irmo, the big okra strut was this weekend. Yes, I know that I have been disappointed in the past in going, but in that it has been a few years, I thought we would give it another chance. Plus a opportunity to get out of the house for a family outing was long overdue and with my body cooperating off we went!

Zoe had just woken up. So she just gave everyone who tried to talk to her a blank stair...

that is until it was around time to leave (which wasn't that much later), and she wanted out...she is not an okra fan, by the way
She decided that she actually liked the festival and threw herself on the ground on the way back to the car after we crossed the street and she realized no more fun was to be had. So momma had to carry her that hot long distance (ummmm almost 90, really, where are those cooler temps?), as daddy just wouldn't do at the moment, and I did not want to hear her screaming. Hey, at least we did make a family outing...all sweaty and all!

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