Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tot it out!

I can't tell you how much I look forward to Tot Trade every six months! The deal driven diva in my thrives off such. Plus, since it is the only clothes/toy shopping I really even do (at least at this point), it was important to stock up for the next season, as Zoe just seems to keep growing! Beach graciously watched Zo, though, so I can shop in peace. Zoe doesn't shop, well doesn't sit in a stroller or carrier like some of the other children I saw, her idea of shopping is to run in the opposite direction of me, as if playing a game. Let me tell you, that makes for some pretty fun/productive time for all!

I have no idea how much clothes children really need...and to plan for the next six months with both cooler and warmer temps? Hummmm.....well I do know I don't like doing laundry and would like to stick to washing Zoe's clothes every three weeks. At around a dollar an item, I couldn't help but scoop up all the cuteness I could find.

This pic looks more like a bunch a laundry on the floor but after spending hours shopping and de-tagging this is as good as it was good to get. Theses are some of her treasures.
I also loaded up on books, as she loves to read, and I want to encourage as much of it as I can.
And wooden puzzles. Love the wooden toys and such....great deal and helping expand her mind!
Ok, mom's if you have yet to need to join the fun 6 months from now at the spring tot trade. By then I will have my new little one - and if it is a boy - will need to stock up in the boy department.

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