Monday, January 9, 2012

I actually did some pins!

So for awhile my addiction became pinterest, being inspired by all those creative juices out there....but, alas, I was not able to create anything from it due to the business (and sickness) of life. However, Christmas gave me the push (including having to stay up late to do things) to create some of my first projects. I love being able to make meaningful gifts that will hopefully be cherished in the years to come! Zoe got to be a helper in some of them...which she was not a fan of at all!
After painting her hand for a hand print, she declared it was yucky and no longer liked the idea of helping. Always fun having to convince a toddler that what they are thinking is an awful experience, really isn't that bad....and getting the perfect print from it....let's just say I'm glad we had more than one paper to practice with!
Somebody was happy to be all done, though, and luckily I had Beach to help!
I waited until the little one was in bed to do the next part!

The Grands seemed to love the outcome!

The next project....making coasters for my sister, with her adorable niece! First time working with stuff but a little stressful! You have to actually blow out the bubbles with a straw...or a blow torch...which was not an option for me....needless to say I was very lightheaded after an hour of this.
Yeah, they take 72 hours to completely dry....good thing we had all those shot glasses for the extra to drip and dry from.....finally used them for something.
Beach and I, also, took some pictures and made some framed prints...which was actually a lot harder than I thought. Little Ms. Smiles did anything but and did not want to sit still or hold her sign. We got many pictures that looked like this (or worse):

Which the caption, "I think my parents are crazy and this is to stressful!" However, with much trying and praying we were able to get one good shot of each! I was really happy how they turned out!

"Bakuk" by the way, is the name Zoe calls my mom (instead of Grammy). We have no idea how or why she came up with it (esp. since she does not do this with other words) but is very clear that is who she is speaking about.
Now to find the time for the next pin project...hummmm....with baby on the way that maybe awhile! :-)

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  1. CUTE!!! i would feel so accomplished if i actually did some pins :) well done!