Monday, January 23, 2012

Belly painting

It has been a lot of fun being pregnant with my sister, Danielle (only due a couple of weeks apart), and to think about our little ones being able to grow up together. We decided to do something a little different and incorporate our other sister as well. Belly painting. Lauren, the artest, took time out of her birthday celebration day to do the honors.
What I wasn't expecting was it to be so cold but then as it dried SO ITCHY! this picture maybe halfway joking but that part was still was not fun.
It felt almost unbearable as I couldn't touch it and had to just pace as I waited until Danielle was done so we could take some pics!
I tried to get Zoe to get in on the action as well....but seeing as she was not feeling all that well, it was a challenge....she wouldn't turn around in this one.
But we were able to get some good ones none the less...
She loves to kiss the "baby" even during times when she doesn't want to kiss mommy.
We are looking to all the fun to come with our growing families!
They turned out pretty well! Something fun and different. And thanks Aaron for your photo lenses and skills! What a blessing to have such a talented brother-in-law.

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