Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucky Seven...another year to celebrate!

How does he love me that much!  This man who counts me as his first love.  Who is such a servant to me.  Whose cute looks just seem to keep getting cuter!  Who has learned to deal with my many struggles and is such an encouragement to me.  Who is such an amazing father to his girls (and smiles when we sit down to dinner - stating he wants to fill the table with our children).  Who thankful enjoys cooking and does so for us everyday, even after a long day of work.  Who works hard to take care of of our family even when it is such a struggle to him.  Who complements my weakness (and I his).  This man who seven years today I committed to for the rest of our lives.  Sometimes I have to fight all the world's distractions (good and bad) to be present with him to realize how fortunate I am.

For your amusement I included a pic from when we went to prom together ('96) - Beach's not to happy smile and my hair falling down.  Yes, we dated way back then but just remained friends for the years to come.  This was actually from a scrapbook we made together (he kept everything - even our receipt from dinner that night- I'm telling you he loved this girl!)
This was his ring with a verse that we used in our wedding.  Beach practices this with me daily!
We enjoyed a night out...a rare treat now a days that is for sure, for just us.  Thinking about our anniversary!
Of course...with coupon in hand we had a great dinner!
Shrimp and grits for the Mr. and a goat cheese and chicken salad for the Mrs.
We headed down stairs to a cool coffee spot....Cafe Chartier, where they treated us to some AMAZING deserts.  For sure recommend this place if you enjoy great coffee and yummy treats!  I mean look at all those layers of love!  Beach used to manage a coffee house that was there years ago and it brought back many memories (and hopes for the future!).

May we continue to cling even harder to the Lord and, in turn, each other as we face the many challenges to come.


  1. Happy Happy anniversary you two! May your marriage continue to be a testimony of grace. Your beautiful family is such a blessing!

  2. You are both such a blessing to us. We have loved watching you grow together in Christ as a couple and now watching you be such wonderful parents. We love you and may your lives be full of so many blessings you can't count them!