Sunday, May 13, 2012

A mother's messy High Tea

Oh to be a mother.  
I love my mom dearly.  She is willing to do in and everything for me without even counting the cost of how it will effect her.  She is a woman of service setting such an amazing example for her daughters.  I wish I could be more like her and not so selfish with my time.  Lord continue to mold me to be more like her, as she lives You out so freely!    
How blessed I am to have her in my life.
I, also, loved this idea of painting a tea set with a nice lunch to go with it as a well to celebrate our mom.  The Arts Academy in Irmo did such a cute job. 
Complete with personalized name tags waiting for us. 
Mom wore her mommy bird's nest necklace I gave her for her birthday the week before.  Melody rocked it out with this idea (I also got one for myself for mother's day).  So pretty!
It took us so long to paint...theses crafty ladies had to stay for two paint session.  Must get it just right!
Aren't they so beautiful!  Inside and out. 
 The crew.  We love you mom! 

To the girls that have enabled me to be called a mom, too.  What a title and life adjustment that I wouldn't give up for anything.  May I continue to grow and learn how to love you even better. Happy Mother' day to me for all the joy you bring!

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  1. Thank you Jessica!! What a blessing it is to be your Mom and be able to love on your family. It has been a joy to be your mom, cant think of anything that has been more rewarding. God gets the glory for all. He has been so faithful to our family and we are truly blessed to share the love that we do. What has made the difference and kept us together even through the hard times is his faithfulness and grace. Thank you for that special day to spend time together. May there be many more days and special times ahead. Love you!!!