Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 months down...but how can it be?

My little girl already does not feel so little anymore!  How is it that she has grown so fast!
Shiloh got to meet Beach's parents for the first time this month!  We enjoyed their quick visit (although I wish I got more pictures of everything)!
We took them to our zoo again for a beautiful day with the animals.  (Beach's birthday lunch was not as beautiful, as the girls were worn out -and wore me out - pretty sure I got food poising there too - at least it was out of the system quickly but made for a very not so fun night.)
"Peace out"
Shiloh is becoming an expert at this zoo thing...although we didn't quite make it to the garden for her feeding this time....and had to start doing so as we waited for the tram...she didn't seem to mind....and I'm minding less and less.  It sure does make things a bit easier not to care as much!
Zoe got pretty worn out, too, luckily she loves to go "up" with daddy and I took over holding Shiloh for a bit. 
So apparently I have strong babies.  Shiloh rolled over on the 10th of April (when she was 5 weeks old).  I thought it may be some weird fluke, but she did it again the next time I put her on her tummy a couple days later.  Zoe did so for the first time at 8 days....but a Dr. said that was just a reflex (which was probably true, as she was screaming mad from being in pain at the time).  Shiloh also likes to stand up a lot....just like her sister did (I didn't take a good pic of it though....but you get the idea)!
Speaking of tummy time....I've TRIED to have Shiloh do so everyday.  Zoe is so funny, she will very excitedly announce it (not quite clearly which makes it that much cuter) and lay down next to her.  I love theses girls and their adorableness.
Shiloh has begun to find her hand, at times, for some comfort.  Although, she does not have much of a chance as I am still swaddling her a lot for sleeping times.  She still waves those hands around crazily, bothering herself many times.
So I decided to cut out the dairy again, and that has seemed to help with Shiloh's mood.  I'm not totally sure that that is her issue BUT I also know that her crying all the time and seeming pain was a lot on me....so we are going with it.  Bye bye lattes, Greek yogurt, and CHEESE!  Not sure what I'm going to do without you....but we made it through our long distance relationship one time, I suppose we can do it again!  (This time, though, it is hard in that I'm serving it to Zoe all the time!)  On a side note, praise the Lord that the results came back from the doctor with an all clear, nothing was wrong with Shiloh's blood work this time!
This latte maker gets a break in the mornings....however, he still blesses me with a regular cup of joe.
Oh, pretty girl of mine, I love how your talking even more.  The ahhhs and ohhhs of the cooing that you speak back to me just makes me melt.  How I love that the Lord has made the young able to communicate so early in life, pure awesomeness.  And that smile, how I could stare at it all day.
I'm so blessed that Shiloh began sleeping through the night at 5 weeks.  Now, she does not make it every night....but most at this point.  It allows me to sleep on my special neck pillows for awhile.  I still love our morning snuggling feeding time and naps are just THE BEST and highlight of the day.  When the  house is quite, and I can just be still, thanking the Lord for this gift and time!
The thought of going back to work has been hard (most of the time), bringing tears to my eyes.  How I feel that Shiloh is growing soooo fast and I just don't want to miss it.  Theses moments seem to flee and I want to breath in every second with her.  There have been a couple of times, though, when I think the girls have gained up against me and a break with the outside world does seem a little appealing.

One of Shiloh's favorite activities is raking leaves - or me rather doing the raking.  The rocking motion is quite calming and she has spent many hours helping her mom get the very needed yard all raked.  Zoe, on the other hand, is not so thrilled with the activity and is much harder to entertain.
Love that Shiloh gets to grow up so close to her cousin.  She is loving it, too.  It's so funny how differently shared theses girls are.  Shiloh has the long legs and feet to match...all ready passed down her socks that she outgrew to her older cousin. 
My mom bought the girls their first set of matching outfits.  She just happened to be wearing the same color this day, too....my fav. girls ever!

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