Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's celebrate my man!

We spread Beach's birthday out a bit this year.  He seemed to have a good one.  Zoe enjoyed opening the cards with her daddy.  
We had an awesome dinner and desert at my mom's house.  Someone is ready to party!!!
She made an extra special chocolate coffee cake, which was AMAZING!  Beach loves both and, although he enjoys his daily share of coffee, rarely gets to have chocolate nowadays. 
We did something different for Beach's present this year.  Since Beach didn't have anything already picked out for himself (very unusual as he normally does weeks in advance), and I came along some Cirque du Soleil (Michael Jackson) tickets, I thought this would be something really fun for us to do together.  
The tickets I bought were really in the nose bleed section - but at half off their high price, it was the only thing I could really justify spending....and I just hoped that we could still see the show okay. BUT when we got there and got through a long line of people we were told that we needed to exchange our tickets.  Okay, no problem, I didn't think that they could get any worse.  Come to find out they were for a lottttt closer and another level down.  I think they just didn't sell as many tickets as expected so we scored seats that were at least 100 dollars I'm sure!
Couldn't really capture anything with my camera phone - but that's  someone holding another person on a rope by their teeth without a net!
 The show was AMAZING!  I left awed at what the human body and creative minds could do. It was also so nice being able to get out on a date and spend some really fun time together. Happy birthday to my man!

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