Saturday, April 7, 2012


So I wish I could bottle up so many things Zoe does at this stage to be able to watch them over and over again in later life (I need to do better capturing them with the video recorder). I'm lucky if I can even remember them though. So I thought that I could write some things down along the way to help jog my mind in later years. 

* One of her first words was "coffee" (perhaps she will be a daddy's girl after all). She always wants to look at ours and talks about our cups. Beach gave her some mini ones, which she loves.
* The word Zoe uses the most often has to be "please". It can be very nice (much better than other words like MINNNEEE). However, she will often repeat it it over and over again and get to the level of screaming, "PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE," when she just cannot have what she wants.

* So I have been doing secret shops at Five Guys for several months now (the guilt level of eating such was eased out by my pregnancy). Zoe could care less for some time about it and the glorious fries that come with such.  However, now she has decided that it taste pretty good and announces Five Guys several times a cute!
* Zoe is so funny, my little mirror.  I love the way that she yells, "Baily," when we are leaving in order to put her into her crate.  

*Nowadays, Zoe seems to say, "Baby," all the time.  It's like she puts it in a phrase without it really having much odd  :-)
* One of her favorite songs is "Twinkle Twinkle."  It is so funny to hear her declare sing, "Up above the world so high..." 

* Zoe refers to my mother as "Bakak"....yeah that's right spell check, it's not really a word.  I have no idea where she came up with it and she was saying it a month before we realized the connection with my mom.  She now will also say Grammy, but I wonder if she will always be "Bakuk" to her even when she gets older.  
* Zoe picked up the phrase, "See you soon," in which, for some reason really helps her in being able to say good bye without so much issue with people (including me and her Grammy). She will correct me if I say, "See you later," as that is just not quite right.

*When Zoe realized when she was the one adding that lovely odor in the room, she would call it "gassing."  A huge smile would come across her face with an announcement of what she had just done (as if we didn't know)!  Trying to now get her to say excuse me now instead (hasn't stuck yet).
* Zoe's favorite number is two (I have no idea why), which she will excitedly squeal all the time. She seems to always want two of things. Now to her anything more than one is "two".

* The other night she had hummus for dinner, in which she wiped all in her hair.  She liked that we called it "crazy hair" and wanted to look in the mirror at it several times.  Then when we were at a store a few days later she saw a cute little girl a little older than herself with an alfro.  She pointed and announced, "Crazy hair," several times.  Oh my...a glimpse into the future when she will say other fun things to embarrass her mother  :-) 

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