Monday, April 2, 2012

Party Time

I can't believe I have a two year old!  We made it through her birthday!  I can't tell you how much birthdays bring me anxiety (and how much I hate that they do).  I have had issues with my own birthday for years (goes back to not having many friends show up to a roller skating party once when I was younger.  I mean since roller skating was the coolest thing in the world, my mind says that if you didn't come, than you must not like me - couldn't possibly be other reasons - oh the stories we tell ourselves even at a young age).  Though I know the reasons are silly, years later birthdays cut down to the deep core of my ego's self-esteem, screaming that I'm not good enough (a lie from Satan).

That being said, the last thing I want to do is pass on such issues to my daughter.  Not passing down our own "junk" can be really tricky hard work, but needed.  So here we go, birthday party number two.  In that I, also, having a nursing 4 week old, this does not allow for much doing for momma.  So I decided that a small get together, with family and just a couple of friend's that Zoe enjoys playing with would work.  Zoe has also been getting a little overwhelmed with new people/situations/crowds and I really wanted this to be a good time for her, so wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.

Zoe had been asking pleading for her birthday for days.  I'm not sure what she even thinks a birthday is, but I have been begged for days for such to come. 

Nursing a young one allows for much computer time, and Pininterest is always a fun way to get ideas.  I did covet much of the things that I saw for creating a great jungle/safari theme, but money and time did not allow for such.  How fun it would be to do a party if this was not an issue!!!  I settled on ordering some party supplies online, just to be disappointed that the date that it was to arrive was the day after the party.  I had hoped that it would come early, but not so, which led to a quick trip to Party City the night before.  When looking at the animal theme supplies, a staff member asked me how old my boy was going to be...arent' girls allowed to like animals too?  
Thanks to many helpers we were able to get some fun decorations up (but wasn't able to get a good pic of such).  My in-laws were, also, staying with us and lended many helping hands.  I can't say enough about how amazing my mom is.  She helped me the whole day before, with the kids and preparing for the party, so Beach and I could clean (well mostly Beach and I did much feeding, thus, is my life right now).  Then Mom cooked and ran errands for me the day of the party too!  She is such an awesome women that gives sooo much of herself, a true servant of the Lord and so touching for my life.  It brings tears to my eyes even now thinking of what it would be like not to have her.
Shiloh was good that day, which was a huge help to her momma, so that I could get some things done!  Zoe didn't end up getting up from her nap until time!  All the animal decor was up and I couldn't wait to see her face once she saw it.  Our family was late (nothing new there) and Zoe had some of her friends come, which she seemed to greatly enjoy!   I often worry about others feeling comfortable at events that I host (and many times that is what prohibits me from even doing them) and things going just right.  However, by God's grace I was not worried about such this time around.
Zoe seemed joyful in sneaking animal crackers from the table (something she hasn't had before). 
 A simple art activity with animal stickers kept Mac and her busy for a bit.
I think she liked the cake, as she got to keep the animals that we put on top (not impressed with Publix's decorating skills this time, though).

The mound of presents wore Zoe down a bit and she was slow to open them.  She did not quite understand the process, as she really wanted to play with everything after she opened something.
Zoe and the two purses that she got and loved...not sure what this face was for....but I think it looks like she is saying, "Huhhh....grandma got me again with her lip stick!"
I was blessed to have many helpers clean up, which was such a blessing, as I had to do much feeding with Shiloh.  Hated to leave for a bit but the timing seemed to work out okay.
The song that kept running through my mind all day was from church that morning, "Glory, glory, glory to one who saved my soul."  I think it kept me calm and thinking about what really matters.

Beautiful ladies!
I keep forgetting to get a cousin picture of they were going out and Shiloh was crying was the best that we could do this time. 
When we crawled into bed that night, Beach began tearing up.  He said it was because it was one of his best days ever, as he to got to see Zoe so happy.  Gotta lover her and my man for caring so much for his family!


  1. The party was great! Zoe really seemed to enjoy it. I was impressed with all your calm multi-tasking!

  2. It was a great day! I love watching you and Beach and the way that you love the two blessings that God has put in your lives. It is a joy to serve/love on you and yours. I count it such a joy to live so close to you and to be a part of your families life. I love you!