Monday, April 9, 2012


Christ the Lord is risen!  Thank the Lord that Sunday has hope and reason for living, my Savior lives!
We had our normal Sunday lunch at my parents house....except this season it was more fancy and more healthy (but not less tasty by any means)!
I forgot to take a pic of the healthy deserts...I guess the sugar filled one is more pretty (they were mainly made for my dad who isn't on the health wagon). Zoe did get a bite of this - the only real sugar she had for the holiday, but seemed to prefer the healthy choices more...I definitely put away many chocolate truffles myself...thanks to mom for branching out and trying some new recipes!
Okay, everyone is well feed and managed to still be thanks to my brother-in-law, we got some pictures!
Towards the end of their pictures, Shiloh attempted to eat Adalyn's hair....glad she was clean :-)
Must have tasted good!
I love my sisters!
Zoe was having none of sitting still and smiling for a full cousin was WAY past her nap time.
But she does love her awesome aunt!
Finally a full family photo!
Being cute sure does wear you out!
So thankful for spring, new life, and what HE has done for me!

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