Sunday, April 8, 2012

Washing Eggs

I've struggled with wondering how much "holiday" activities that I want my children to participate in.  I grew up with them all and enjoyed such.  However, what I don't want is for the true meaning of the seasons to get lost in such traditions, as presents, toys and gifts can often be the focus of children instead of the power of our mighty God.  
However, we did decide to decorate some eggs on a beautiful Saturday in South Carolina.  I thought Zoe would really be interested in coloring the eggs....not so much, but she was enthralled with putting them in the which she referred to as "washing eggs".  This made her very excited and we were glad my mom could join us for such an occasion.  By the mom made the cute little Easter dress for Zoe last year.  Needless to say it did not fit then, but this year worked out well!
Shiloh was nice enough to take a long nap during that time so we could all participate.  However, she woke up towards the end so we could take some bright pictures of her before she ate.
Well, we didn't have long to enjoy the beauty of the eggs as they were gone soon after in an egg salad Beach made (he even created home made mayo - as we discovered we didn't have any).  I think I ate most of it....nothing like 8 eggs or so for dinner.   

Happy Egg washing to you and yours!

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