Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Made it through baby is 5 months!

This girl is getting big...and I love it.  
Daddy is of corse in love, too, and she returns with her great form of kisses.
We had a great busy Forth of July complete with a secert shop at a breakfast buffet.
A great lunch at my mom's house. 
Lauren loving her nieces. 
Followed by a cookout with some friends.  
Zoe is learning how to blow bubbles and practicing her faces. 
I guess I make a lot of faces, too. 
Complete with sparklers and fireworks. 
And not so great pictures in the dark with a flash. 
Shiloh has mastered the bumbo and loves to perch in such and check everything out!
Zoe's recent thing....her saying, "I'm not ready yet!"  She repeats this quite often throughout the day....which means a lot of waiting, as to force her when there is no need causes much drama.  She often wants to stay in her bed a long time after she awakes....and would prefer me to wait in her room with her if I happen to check on her before she is ready!
She sure does make the best faces!
How I love technology....the girls are able to Skype family in all parts of the country....which brings both parties great joy!
Another recent Zoe phrase: "Have to be careful!"  I guess she has heard me say that a time or two  :-)
Much of my time lately has been spent here...on the oh so comfy edge of the bath....while I wait on my potty training child "to be ready" to finally get off the potty.  This is such a long process...and one I am not found of (but I do like the option of only buying diapers for one in the near future!).  She likes for "opposite" to sit next to me, as we wait.  
 I almost completely forgot about Shiloh's dedication, which would have been really bad to show up late to church and them calling us to come forward and Shiloh be in the nursery.  So we texted the grandparents to let them know (they were thankfully able to come) and we found a spot in the back together.  Shiloh just beamed the entire time as the paster talked....showing everyone all the joy that is within her! 
So yes, we didn't have a beautiful gown for her to wear, or great pictures from the event, but isn't that just a perfect picture of life.  God just wants us to come as we are, to His presence, as it is none of our doing or getting cleaned up that matters anyway.  How I want this for my precious baby girl, may Shiloh come to know Him and trust in Him in such a deep intimate way!
Whenever Shiloh sees me she oozes with excitement and squeals out of delight....even just with reentering a room....makes a girl feel loved!
Yep, Shiloh is.....and we make sure that she stays that way by getting adjusted at least once a week!  Thanks for the shirt Dr. Sarah!
This kid always smiles so big whenever I kiss those cheeks!  Even in the middle of crying, she just can't seem to help it!
My mom sure does look good with her grand-babies!
Those cute little fingers love to give her mommy's hair a good pull whenever she gets the chance!
May you always enjoy snuggling with your momma, as much as you do now.  (Even when it is way past both of our bed times  :-)

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