Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The endless playground and sandy toes

One of my all time favorite places to be is at the beach.  The vast ocean, the amazing smell, the gleaming sun, the texture of the sand in toes, the salty air, endless playground and seeing glimpses of my Makers handy work everywhere.  However, with the littles it is so much work.  And while we were in Florida, I really wanted to spend that time with my family.  
But my aunt and uncle happened to be staying on the beach this year while we were there....so we got to do a double hit to be able to see them....and the girls got to see the beach, too. Adorned in matching cousin dresses from Grammy we were all set.
Zoe loved my aunt Lisa and cousin Megan...getting them to follow her into the water!
Of course Aunt Lauren is always up for anything, too!
Many, many pictures were had....including that with the grands!
Man, did I mention I love these girls!
...and giving them many kisses!
Sis and her love enjoyed it too!  
We adore capturing pictures of the little ones....some attempts of the cousins. 
Yep, that's my big girl, with her "capture your heart smile."
I love the wonder and awe new things bring the mind. 
Of course much thought and love went out to my own Beach!
The Lord blessed us with a beautiful sunset that Zoe spoke of for days to come. 
Don't want to leave...even after the sun has faded. 
Since all else was wet...and no change of clothes....we did a barefoot pull-up walk to the car.  The end of a great day and amazing trip to see our loved ones!


  1. So cute...you know I love beach pics!! Looks like y'all had fun. The matching cousin outfits are too cute!

  2. Great pics! We are beach lovers as well. Glad you got to go.