Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guess who just turned 4 months!

My how my heart just continues to grow more in love with my little one.  I mean really, that smile, her sweet sleeping face, even her mad angry face can bring me joy with such cuteness!
I'm so thankful that we live so close to my family that my girls can see them often.  Mom has been watching them this summer while I work.  What a blessing and such a relief to this anxious heart to know that they are in good hands of the amazing one who raised me.  I think they all greatly enjoy it!
And, oh what sweetness to have my sister, Lauren, so close that we get to see her, too (unlike when Zoe was first born and it was only by Skype).
Shiloh has an amazing ability to put others to sleep when they try to rock her. 

Shiloh has a new game....and it is not one that either of us like to much.  She has discovered how to roll over very easily now... and roll she does.  Almost as soon as I put her down, over she goes.  However, she still not a fan of tummy time, so the fussing is soon to follow.  I turn her back over and she just flips again.  If only she could learn to flip herself back just as easily (she has only done that a couple of times)!  Silly girl, don't you know that your not supposed to do all that for a couple of months... I think she will be a quick mover like her sister. 
Crib time, well sort of.  We tried moving Shiloh into her room at night (she has taken few naps there).  The thought had been so hard for me that I had put it off for a long time.  However, that poor big girl does not fit in the bassinet in our room by any means.  However, it did not go so well.  At midnight, she woke us up screaming....she had flipped over...while still in her snuggy!  Oh my poor child, how you worry my heart so.  I think your going to be back with us for awhile, not that you mind!
Shi and Zo have been doing well with a few little outings this past month. I had a kitchen helper to make up some sweets for our Kickstarter party in the early part of the month.  (You can see the rest of the pics and details here Kickstarter party)

Shi hung in there with the best of them....taking it all in.  
And sharing the love with others!
We, also, got to visit my sweet friend Mandy.  She was my dula and helped deliver both of my girls.  I was nervous about the 40 min drive to her house but both the girls were camps.  Mandy has five girls herself (I'm telling you this women is amazing), so Zoe had a ball being dressed up and doing all things girly (i.e. they showed her how to have a tea party and introduced her to jellybeans).
Daddy is such a huge help....I wish I could capture more of his love and dedication to our family!
I'm pretty sure I have a monster baby.  We haven't been back to the doctor to see but when we see other a lot older babies she is just as big if not bigger.  Check out those feet, more to love!
Having girls is pretty great...


  1. Catching up on your cute blog....LOVE your sweet Zoe. Cant believe I ACCIDENTALLY fed her her first ice cream...OOPS!!
    Gigi cried and cried when we left Zoe today!
    Need to plan some more time together.

    1. Would love too! We could try to have you over for dinner soon or we could go to the zoo on a Monday or Friday (I have extra passes). Just let me know whenever would work for you and we can put it on the calender!