Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Greats and being with Radd

Our trip started with a stay at my Dad's mom and sister's homes.  They are the hostest with the mostest and so accommodating.  What a blessing to have a space to stay.  Zoe even got her "own room" as the room I stayed in has a large enough closest to put her pack-in-play in.  This made nap time a lot easier!
It was special getting to see my Grammy with Shiloh and Adalyn.  Luckily no blowouts for her (although my sister was not so fortunate at one point!).  

My Grammy always has something for us. Whether a special treat on our pillow or something bigger.  It was so exciting as a little kid to go in the room where we would stay to see what was waiting for us!
Zoe was blessed with a little Precious Moments doll (something my Grammy is also a fan of!) that she enjoyed. 
Amazing food is also ALWAYS had.  Theses ladies can cook let me tell you!  I still am not able to eat diary and am on this detox eating for I really had to use my will power, but this home made pound cake was calling my name (the only main time I cheated....and I was still able to loose weight on the trip  :-)
One morning when I was working out in another room, Zoe was eating breakfast with the family and when I came in she was almost done.  She had the cutest, guilty, excited chocolate covered face.  (I'm not sure if she has ever even had such before).  She got to enjoy a special pancake from Uncle Walt (thanks for snapping the pic sis) without any objections of sugar for breakfast from her momma.  I'm kinnda glad I wasn't around so she could enjoy this special treat.  
Every girl should have somewhere pretty to potty....This was Zoe's fav. spot to do so.  This was the first place away from home that she was able to use the potty with out any issues!  Yes!  Can you believe that my sister, Lauren, painted this mural for my Grammy a few years back.  Yep, she is amazing!
My uncle came to visit too!  In seeing Zoe he noted that he didn't need to take any pictures of her, because he had so many from when I was young and she looks just like me at that age. :-)  Love theses faces!
My cousin, Jennifer, has had her first couple of kids around the same time as me.  Oh, how I wish that we lived closer so that we could do more with them all together.  At least we got to see each other a couple of times while we were there. 
This kid is sooo cute.  His eye lashes and fohawk are just adorable!
Second cousins meeting again (it's been since pretty sure they don't remember each other).
It didn't take long for Zoe to show her favorite toys (a plastic hamburger and egg).  She is soooo funny how she loves these things....I mean we take them everywhere and she HAS to have them to sleep with and everything.  
Sweet baby April...Just over a month old (or so).  The newest member of the clan!
 The three littles lined up and ready to go!
Momma's jump in too!

How about some fun with the IPhone? Franky and me (excuse my HUGE goofy smile that just can't get any bigger!). 
 Beautiful Jenni hopped in this one too!
 Zoe not to be left out.  
 I have no idea why my sis is making this face....she is so funny....had to include it!
A 3 generations shot.
The kids provided us with much entertainment and dancing later that evening, which lead to much laughter for all!  How I love them! 

Some pictures of us handing around....
Shiloh chilling in her PJs
GG with her two new greatgrands....Shiloh is also modeling the outfit GG gave her. 
My cuz, Rebbecca with Shiloh!  I hate that I didn't get any picture of Zoe with her.  They had a blast together and Zoe still talks about it!
My mom trying to convince Zoe that this would be a fun pic opt.  Zoe didn't buy it, she is soooo not into taking pictures now  :-(
One last kiss from GG before we have to say Goodbye!  Nothing sweeter!  

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