Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family swim time!

How fun is water play, but we really don't get much of it.  As it is, having such a little one makes it hard for me to do a lot of things.  So being able to swim at the Radd resort (as I like to call it) was a nice treat with all the extra hands. 
 Weather awesome, perfect temp of water and many smiles. Although Zoe is really not into pictures theses days, "No pictures," she commands if she sees me with my camera.
 The babes weren't really awake at the same time, so no pic opts there....but we manged to catch many other good ones.  This was Shiloh's first time in the water....this was also Zoe's first time in the water two years prior with the same bathing fun!
Baby Ady loved the water too!

Aunt Lauren is always up for games.

One of my favs!
Chilling on the raft.
Sweet, sweet sisters.....I could just eat them up!

So could Lauren....this baby loves some kisses!  Makes her smile every time!
So dramatic...
Shiloh wanted to put her face in the water....I think she liked it.

I mean really, this kid....I just couldn't get rid of any of theses pics, how I adore her!

And her cute hand-me-down hat!

Those eyes will get you!
All this work can really tire a girl out!

So fun, so blessed, so loved!

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