Monday, July 30, 2012

The mega pool!

So Flordia, being the hot state that it is, has some awesome attractions.  Did I mention I would love to live there.....if only my immeadite family would want to go back.  The warm weather and sun just call my name. However, I know that Columbia is where the Lord would have us and there is nothing like the peace that brings!  I'm thankful we still get to see my family in the Sunshine State though!
So while we were there, my cousin took us to this awesome pool that had many attractions for all ages and a special swim time for just the littles.  It was a lot of fun!
Lot's of little baby love!  I have become one of those momma's that love hats and much clothing to protect from the sun.
 Gotta love that grin!
I think Zoe enjoyed it more before all the sprinklers were turned on....what a little apprehensive one I have.  BUT I must say that I like that about her.  I prefer that to a wild child that would make my heart so nervous with many brave actions.  Watch my next child be a boy that is just that way!
So thankful for my sister being able to come and lend a very helpful hand...the girls just adore her....I mean really who doesn't!
 I would love to go back, as I know the kids would love it that much more when they are older!
We managed to get a shot of all the mommas and their babies....tired, hungry and ready for a nap!

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