Monday, July 30, 2012

Retirement at two and under

My mom's parents live in an apartment in a retirement community.  This often gets us a lot of attention walking around with little ones.  I greatly enjoy seeing the joy it brings the faces of the older generations that rarely get to see such anymore.  Although for some reason, they always call Zoe a "he" even with the pink and dresses.....slowly that hair is coming in though!
Gigi had fun different toys!  Like an eleltic piano (I remember playing such when I went to visit her as a kid) adorned with pictures of Zoe that we gave her for Christmas.
Some fun reading times with Gigi....pretty captivating. 
Yummmy cherry treats!
Zoe had a blast pretending to put on make-up on everyone.
She even let GG-pa join in on the one should be left out (not even men in their 80's). 
Of course the babies got attention, too, meeting more family for the first time!
Fun breakfast in the cafeteria each day....Zoe made herself at home, just kicking it.
More reading....
And dancing...
And silly play
And Toweeeee...
One morning the babies got special reading time from Aunt Lauren.
How sweet are they?
Poppy helped for some photo opts!
There is a beautiful park just across the street that we walked too.
The littles had napes, and I sat just long enough to notice HUGE storm clouds rolling in at a record pace.
Then we ran to try to beat them....I think I might have looked a little crazy doing such with a large pouch....but we made it safely in time to beat the down pour.
A couple more fun shots...
That's one specail lady right there!  And I am so blessed to still have her in my life and get to be a part of my girls life!  We love you GG!

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  1. Jessica that is so awesome. Makes me miss my grandparents who all died before I was old enough to remember~! You are blessed and so are your girls. What a legacy! Love Doreen