Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We got fully funded...Big exhale!

What a growing, learning, stretching process this Kickstarter campaign has been.  We got off to an okay start but then as the process went on it looked like we weren't going to make it.  We still needed around 5K, and at the rate we were going that was sure not to happen.  It was discouraging.  We put a lot into it, had a party for it as following God's leading on what we were supposed to be doing.  
Working on the whole submission process....hard for this control freak who thinks her way is always the best and most logical.  But in truth the world does not spin in such a way, at least not in the faith, Godly world that I want to live in.  If things are always logical then it is harder to see God in it (and I get puffed up with pride at looking at what my own efforts have accomplished).  No, God wants us to see how He is perfect in our weakness...and that He is.

So I totally get that all "our" money is His anyways, so no doubt that if He wants to provide us with funds than it will happen, the creator of the universe that is bigger than my mind can comprehend can certainty put some paper in our hands through others to help accomplish what He has made us to do.  But is it something that He wants for us, or is He wanting to just teach us something completely different?  I had no idea but just tried to hold on to His sovereignty that I knew was solid.

Towards the end my sister asked if she could come and pray for us.  She has such an amazing spirit that is connected to His in ways that I hope to be as well someday.  So yes, more prayer is good, so she came and we did.  There was only about a week left before the deadline and if we didn't make it we wouldn't get any of the money we had raised.
But it started to happen....and happen it did and then even beyond goal a bit.  Blown away.  Blown away is all I can say.  I am touched and humbled by some of the huge supports our friends and even strangers have been.  Surprised by generosity beyond anything I can understand.  And encouraged to want to turn around and also give to others in need.  Now to get to work fulfilling the rewards and getting the kiosk open!  :-)

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