Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Many miles, screaming babies and lots of love

Almost all of my extended family live in Florida (Tampa Bay area)....and the only way that I get to see them is if we make the drive down there.  So for years we have spent our vacations traveling the many miles to such a destination.  How special my family is that the few days we get to spend together is just never enough.  How much I wish we were closer so that they could see more of the joy of my growing babes and family, experience our changing lives and I theirs.  I am thankful that we do still get to see them even if if the time is short, it truly is sweet.
But I hate packing.  Make that I abhor packing with two young ones.  Do they really need all that STUFF???  I try to get by with as little as I can but, let's be honest, it barely fits in the car.  Hours and hours worth of packing and preparing....but yet did I forget something?  Always. I wish my hubby could have come along, but, alas he had to work and he promised he would get a lot of needed things done around the house while we were gone (score!- yep he is amazing).
 I was really nervous about the drive.  This has not been a strong suit of Zoe's in the past and every trip before I have thought, "I'M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!"  It doesn't seem to matter what time we leave, what I bring, what I try to do, the result is often the same.  Screaming, crying, red faces, struggling to get out of her seat.  I hate to see her in so much pain, so upset, not be able to do anything about it and knowing that the end is still hours away.  Now this trip, multiple that by two, as Shiloh is here for the ride.  Surely the screaming will wake each other up, how I was dreading it.

But there was a miracle!  At least on the way down.  Zoe is now old enough to truly appreciate how DVD's can put you in the zone and make everything better (esp. since she rarely gets to watch them).  And Shiloh only cried a couple of times, we she got hungry and we were able to then stop and feed her.  This really was a blessing from the Lord!
We loved visiting the family.  At one point, when Zoe ran to give my elderly grandmother a kiss, I couldn't help to let the peace in my heart say, "It is all worth it, even just for this moment."  I tried to soak in such times between nursing and naps, always present that theses times many never be able to be repeated.  Working where I do, with clients so desperate for a genuine love and a trusting family unit, makes me realize how truly blessed I am and I need not forget it and take it for granted.
Zoe made her presence known where ever she was at.  She is such a joy and full of life.
Shiloh and Adalyn got to meet all the family members.  My amazing sister and her precious new one was there, too.  Between us we got some amazing pictures (ok, really.....she got most of them, she is a great photographer).  So much so that I need to spread out the love in some upcoming post!

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