Monday, August 6, 2012

Zucchini Pasta!

So I have been learning a lot about true nutrition...getting my mind blow and stretched for sure.  It's a good thing in many ways, but also hard.  I've never been a fan of cooking (luckily I married a man who was), so it can be pretty overwhelming for me to now think I should change the way that I do things (less convince) for the health of me and our children.  Loving them the way I do makes me really want the best for them in anyway that I can. 

So something interesting that Beach got as a present for Christmas this year was this fun cutter that can do many things.  However, we have only tired out one thing really, and LOVE it.  It was really new to me so I thought I would share how it is done, as others might, also, want to try a hand at it.  
Knowing that pasta really isn't that good for our bodies, this makes for an awesome alternative (without any guilt!).  We start with some zucchini, even in our small family we like to have plenty to eat so we usually do four now, as we all want seconds.   
We stick the zucchini in the cutter and begin to spin away!
Quickly and easily long strands begin to come forth.
And after we are done we are left with a huge pile of them!
You can boil them, as you would spaghetti, for just a minute.  Or lately we have just been eating it like this, depending on how you like it.  We have found that we tend to have more of it when we don't cook it, as it will shrink some when cooked.  

We eat it just like we would spaghetti, with sauce.  Everyone loves it including my two year old, in which she refers to it as Kenni soup and gets very excited for it. 
Trying out a new recipe to bring to a pot luck recipe night at our chiropractor's office (yeah it is pretty awesome).  
Grainless Pasta with Pesto.....It was tasty and a repeater for sure!  I can pass along the recipe if your interested!  We will be making it again in the very near future!

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  1. This is awesome! Do you know what the name of the cutter thing is? I would love to have one for sure. Also, love the pics of the family shoveling it in :)