Saturday, September 1, 2012

A very happy half birthday to you! (& Aug. fun)

Shiloh's half birthday (Sept. 1st)....and we were not even with her (on our get away)....but she was in my thoughts none the less.  This fastly growing babe has hit the halfway point and just as happy as ever!  She truly is such a joy.  
Several times now she has fallen asleep holding on to her toy that is hung from her car seat....hold on baby for this ride of life can get pretty bumpy!
It seems that our trip to Florida last month, and being nursed to sleep at night has gotten this girl thinking it now has to happen every night.  I'm afraid it is her new pattern, which puts momma out of commission for most of the night.  How I don't mind snuggling this babe, but it can be stressful with so much to get done for the business....I keep telling myself to just enjoy how much she loves to be around me (as I know that this may not always be the case.....sigh, teenagers). 
Zoe, on the other hand, demands the company of many toys, books, plates and toothpaste (yes, Elmo and pony toothpaste are a must) in order to go to sleep. Many times I take armfuls out of the bed, to her dislike, explaining that there just isn't enough room for her.  Theses things are a blessing to me when she wakes up, though, as she always seems to love to stay in her bed and play to herself quietly singing and talking away for quite some time. 
Zoe loves when she gets to see her friends at the chiropractor's office!  They now have a mom's group meeting once a month that she is sure to have some fun at!  What a joy to see her interacting with others.
I'm not sure how this kid is able to make new faces and look so different all the time. Perhaps it is all the water in these shots!
We discovered a movie playing one night at a local park...great weather and great times...can't wait until they get older (maybe then we can stay for a whole movie  :-)
August in the south means the kickoff to college football...and Zoe is a fan of the Gamecocks as well.  
My work had a fundraiser at the stadium where I was busy painting faces.  
Zoe has been going through some recent separation anxiety, so it took her a couple hours to not be by my side.  Even when I was painting, she wanted to be in the chair behind me! 
Some fun family shots.
This Heisman trophy winner was impressed by my little Shiloh's strength (that's my girl)!  Love those smiles. 
Zoe, Ms. not in to pictures right now, did not appreciate such greatness. 
But had a good time, none the less, at the "Gamecock Party". 
We love us some Wells and getting to crash their house for the first game.  So much love wrapped into one chair!
Finally, some not blazing temps, so off to the park for a picnic dinner (and more funny faces).
Shiloh had her first swing ride!  I think she is a fan and enjoyed watching her sister show her the ropes.
Here's to even more interactions between the girls, more fun times and enjoying this world and blessings we have been given!

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