Friday, February 8, 2013

100! How did that happen!

I've been hearing about 100 days of school lately, when I saw my own 100.  
This is my 100th blog post!  How in the world?  I really didn't think I had written that much at all (especially recently).  Considering before I had kids I did not even know anything about this whole blogging world, and now here I am.

I always have in the back of my mind my future goal with this little project.  First, for me to remember the adventure, as I have the WORST long term memory, but the pictures and my own words will be proof to me.  AND I want to get the blog made into a book (or several at this rate).  My father-in-law gave me the great idea that I should make one for each of the girls, as well.  And Lord willing, that is just what I will do.  What a precious keep sake for them and a way to pass on our heritage of sorts (but probably more skewed to show the pleasant side of things).  
I've always thought LEGACY would be an awesome name for one of our babes.  Beach gives me the crazy look when I suggest it (each time).  But I like the idea of the word, leaving your mark.  I hope that is what this will be in some ways for our LOVELAND family.

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