Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love is in the air!

The happenings of February. 
So, slowly but surely our little Zoe, who is almost three is getting hair!  Beach likes to try to brush the hair that she does have, which she doesn't has a life of its own....cute little thing!
I was amazed that Zoe even had enough hair for a bath mohawk!  This must be some sign of accomplishment (even if the photo doesn't show it well).  
Shiloh LOVES the bath and Zoe tolerates her being there as long as she is not splashing (which she always is  :-).
The only place I like to shop with the girls is Publix....where this is a major reason.  Zoe always wants "the driver one" and we are all very disappointed if one is not available.  What a great thing for them both to be able to sit next to each other and pretend to drive...and there is enough room for my groceries!    
Shiloh has now mastered the scoot....she is crazy fast and hilarious to watch her do it!
Shiloh, also, now gives the best hugs and kisses.  It warms a mommy's heart when they start to show love back and initiating in this way!
Her mood can also change rather rapidly, so watch out!
Shiloh is, also, doing well with signing back, which helps big time in the communication process.
Beach got up really early on Valentines day to make me this amazing breakfast.  He is such a servant and so thoughtful. I used to get one every morning but with him now having to be at the kiosk so early, some things have had to change.  I was thankful to this throwback morning though!
The girls' sitter made heart cookies for the holiday with Zoe.  This is the way to her heart, that is for sure!  This sugar deprived girl was very excited! 
This picture captures Zoe's favorite activity "Little People!"  She adores them and will often ask if we will play little people with her.
Did you catch that adorable dress.  My mom made them for all the girls for Valentines day.  Yes they (and she) are pretty AMAZING!
And so is getting them to all sit still....Thanks Uncle Aaron!  Special Treat!

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