Thursday, October 10, 2013

Falling into September

So the struggle of the first trimester is still in full swing.  Laying down and not doing anything = depression for this lady.  I know it's not good but it's so hard when it's the only thing I feel that my body will let me do. However, when our friends asked us if we would like to spend some time on an easy kayak trip down the river, that sounded doable and just what I needed. 
We did have a great time and I love seeing what our Creator has done from a different view!
I'm, also trying to squeeze some outdoor play in with the girls whenever I can.
They love the snacks that often accompany us! 
In coffee news: the Free Times did a write up of the Loveland Coffee concentrate for the paper.  It was an unexpected exciting surprise!
Fall time = Pumpkin Spice Latte.  You can't tell me that doesn't look good!
I got to accompany my man for a job with the wedding coffee catering end of things.  In that it was a smaller wedding, it was fun getting to hang out with him (and enjoy their food!).
Beach was very excited that our local brewery combined some of the cold concentrate into a beer.  It was a hit and something that they plan on continuing!
We went to a birthday for Zoe's friend!  Her mom, my sweet friend Rene, hosted the event at her house.
Rene Brigman Photography captures such sweet moments and has a growing photography business!
In other news, Zoe is awesome at Pin the ring on Minnie - nailed it!
And Shi can rock it out!
Zoe loves to talk, especially in the car and is always asking "why".  Ms Inquisitive.  One night when I was fighting a bad headache I asked her to be quiet for awhile.  Her response, "But I love you so much, I just want to talk to you."  Ok, melt me!
We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard.  I grew up outside in Florida year round, so I love to see them explore our yard the way I remember doing as a child.  
Lunch outside means they can eat and roam, always a plus (if we have plenty of time).
I enjoy hearing Shiloh becoming a little parrot.  She is starting to talk a lot more.  She really does well with singing and it surprise me how much she knows!
We often enjoy a large bowl of popcorn Dad makes on the whirley pop.  Coconut oil is the best!  Sometimes the kids get to join in as well.  
Greek Festival!
Full of yummy food and much dancing. 
We shared a special treat of Baklava ice cream.  Do you know the people do not even eat Baklava in Greece this time of year.  They just consider it a winter dessert. 
Yahhhh, so Daddy being home on Saturdays means more fun for all.  I still just really appreciate it more than I ever have.
Four years ago, at this time, we were in Greece and it was enjoyable thinking back to such memories.
I was pregnant with Zoe (part of the reason we wanted a Greek name for her) back then.  Then it was hard to imagine how different our life would be be now (and it's currently hard to think of how different it will be four years from now).
We had fun visiting with some friends we hadn't gotten to see in awhile.
Zoe enjoyed having two cups of coffee (decaf - don't worry) and just fit right in.  
Zoe has developed a new love for some of her dress up clothes and enjoys wearing them wherever she can.
Okra Strut Parade, and the fam camped out in front of the kiosk.
Zoe was very excited that people would pass her special treats (and was mostly focused on such).  She even got to eat one.
Beach had a lot of great business, as the kiosk was on the parade route on a cooler September morning.  He had Loveland Coffee corn hole boards made that visitors could play.
Daddy got to sneak out of the kiosk a couple of times to sit with his girls. 

I feel very blessed to live on a golf course and the view it provides.  One night we went on a walk and Zoe enjoyed running all around on the endless greens.
Luckily the end of the month showed some promise in the momma health department.  I have begun to see some hope on the horizon after just entering the second trimester.  Hopefully some time to enjoy our current family unit before all the new changes come.


  1. I think I comment on all your posts. hope you don't mind- I just love you like Zoe!!! ;) Its good to see the pics and hear how you are. I'm so glad you are feeling a little better!

    1. I love it Lauren, makes me happy to know you read it! And that you care enough to say say something!