Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love is in the air!

The happenings of February. 
So, slowly but surely our little Zoe, who is almost three is getting hair!  Beach likes to try to brush the hair that she does have, which she doesn't has a life of its own....cute little thing!
I was amazed that Zoe even had enough hair for a bath mohawk!  This must be some sign of accomplishment (even if the photo doesn't show it well).  
Shiloh LOVES the bath and Zoe tolerates her being there as long as she is not splashing (which she always is  :-).
The only place I like to shop with the girls is Publix....where this is a major reason.  Zoe always wants "the driver one" and we are all very disappointed if one is not available.  What a great thing for them both to be able to sit next to each other and pretend to drive...and there is enough room for my groceries!    
Shiloh has now mastered the scoot....she is crazy fast and hilarious to watch her do it!
Shiloh, also, now gives the best hugs and kisses.  It warms a mommy's heart when they start to show love back and initiating in this way!
Her mood can also change rather rapidly, so watch out!
Shiloh is, also, doing well with signing back, which helps big time in the communication process.
Beach got up really early on Valentines day to make me this amazing breakfast.  He is such a servant and so thoughtful. I used to get one every morning but with him now having to be at the kiosk so early, some things have had to change.  I was thankful to this throwback morning though!
The girls' sitter made heart cookies for the holiday with Zoe.  This is the way to her heart, that is for sure!  This sugar deprived girl was very excited! 
This picture captures Zoe's favorite activity "Little People!"  She adores them and will often ask if we will play little people with her.
Did you catch that adorable dress.  My mom made them for all the girls for Valentines day.  Yes they (and she) are pretty AMAZING!
And so is getting them to all sit still....Thanks Uncle Aaron!  Special Treat!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can I Listen to Your HEART?

Being present.  A constant struggle and something I'm working on.  I do it so much when I'm at work its like my body wants a break or something when I get home.  So I have to remind myself about it often, as I feel that there have been so many missed moments with my family (and even myself for that matter).
The Hands Free Mama blog is an awesome way that brings me back in and she recently had an entry about doing a heart check.  I have been implementing it with Zoe lately each night (after our ritual of rocking, singing, praying and talking), to put my ear up to her little chest and to pause and reflect.  This little life that I have been given the humongous blessing of being able to nurture and grow. This, this little life that I one day will not be able to listen to the way that I do now.  That one day will need her space. This little life that so fragile.  That heart beats so strong and quick.  
Zoe will listen to my heart as well.  Just sit there for a few moments, focusing on this new sound.  When she sits up, she asks if it has turned off. I try to explain to her, not yet.  I want to promise her that it won't be for a very long long time.  I want to, but I can't, for it is not my promise to make.  It reminds me of the finiteness of life.  How we can't take things for granted.  How no matter how tightly we hold on to something, it can never be tight enough to keep it.  It often brings tears to my eyes, my little ones heart beat.  The junk and lists of the day fade and her breath is all that matters.  
I love them and I am blessed.  May I remember to slow down, to listen, to hear, to connect, to love in this moment, while I have it and not look back and wish I had.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

100! How did that happen!

I've been hearing about 100 days of school lately, when I saw my own 100.  
This is my 100th blog post!  How in the world?  I really didn't think I had written that much at all (especially recently).  Considering before I had kids I did not even know anything about this whole blogging world, and now here I am.

I always have in the back of my mind my future goal with this little project.  First, for me to remember the adventure, as I have the WORST long term memory, but the pictures and my own words will be proof to me.  AND I want to get the blog made into a book (or several at this rate).  My father-in-law gave me the great idea that I should make one for each of the girls, as well.  And Lord willing, that is just what I will do.  What a precious keep sake for them and a way to pass on our heritage of sorts (but probably more skewed to show the pleasant side of things).  
I've always thought LEGACY would be an awesome name for one of our babes.  Beach gives me the crazy look when I suggest it (each time).  But I like the idea of the word, leaving your mark.  I hope that is what this will be in some ways for our LOVELAND family.