Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loving the Lauren time - the animal way

Yahhhh for spring breaks for teachers (esp. when I'm on maternity leave).  I suppose I have missed my sister, Lauren, as most of the pictures I took were of her with the kids.  Oh, how they love her (and so do I).  I'm so glad she enjoys spending time with us so much.
Cutest 2-year old loving!
My how things have first born - same tiger....three years ago.

Danielle and I were on stroller duty.  Ezra likes to hang out of the Moby Wrap often when asleep, looking rather uncomfortable!
Lauren is a great sport....even kissing cow when instructed to do so.

We rode the "train" to Zoe's favorite part of the zoo...a walk through the gardens to the "pink house".

Until we meet again zoo!  Wish Lauren could come every time!  We had a great visit...Ezra is hanging in well with all our gallivanting around!

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  1. aw thanks Jessica! I LOVE being with you all!!! Thanks for making me feel so cared for!