Sunday, April 20, 2014

We had some amazing Easter time, Indeed!

Hello Easter time, a celebration of His risen life among the backdrop of the beauty of creation with the awaken of spring...awesome!
My mom got the girls these cute shirts to wear. 
Which for some reason, Zoe would only make funny faces in.
Our church had a great eggstravaganza.
It was nice and slow paced where Zoe found a spot...perfect for her to take her time in choosing just the right eggs.
Shiloh didn't do so bad for herself either.
This was Ezra's first big outing at three weeks old!  He did great...although here he is getting hungry.
These sisters sure do love each other!
Zoe was excited that her beautiful friend, Maya, came!
And I was excited to hear of another baby in the future!
Easter day
I'm not into the Easter Bunny either, as I really don't want the "extra" things to take away from our risen Lord.  But the girls did get to open their Easter bags and cards from their grandparents in MI!
I was pleased that we were able to all make it to church (first time for Ez) and not too late at that!  Sporting around in our new filled van.
So we pretty much forgot/weren't able to take family pictures but did take some quick shots of the girls.
And the new little man of course!
Ezra did so well sleeping in church but was not so excited about taking a nap with me later...but he finally gave in.  These are such special times!
An activity that we did that afternoon was to make Resurrection Rolls.
I did this with Zoe last year and she really enjoyed it and seemed to understand the concept.
So I was excited to do it again this year, this time with Shiloh's help, too.
I try to overlook the lack of nutritional value and just remind myself it is a rare treat.
The girls were very excited about this part of the process (eating) as well.
This picture cracks me up!
That night we had Easter supper with my whole family.  A grand feast, again!
And celebrated Dad's and Beach's birthdays, as's a busy time of year.
I couldn't be anymore thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with but most of all, all of our salvation in Him!

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