Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4 years of an amazing LIFE

My first born is 4!  I tell her all the time that she made me a momma (and she often tells me that, no God made me a momma).  She is such an excited, expressive little thing that I really wanted to have some type of party for her, as she had been talking about her birthday for months, but after having a baby just over a week before, I had to let that go.  Yet somehow it was still very emotional to do so. 
Our family did get together with my sisters and parents and had some more black bean brownies (her request) and presents.  She seemed to accept this as being her "birthday party".
She loved her gifts from my sisters and had to put on the Tinkerbell outfit right away. 
So on Zoe's actually BIRTHday, that morning Beach and I had to take Ezra to Newberry to be circumcised.  I hated that it was on Zoe's birthday but it was when we could get the appointment and fortunately it was when my dad could watch the girls.  
The bonus of that, though, was that Beach had taken the day off of work so he could go to the appointment with me.  So we had time to spend together as a family after it was done.  My sweet in-laws sent Zoe some cute outfits and a Tinkerbell bell that Grandpa always shows her on Skype and that has been in their family for years.
Then it was off to the park.....Zoe had been given this dress from her Grandma months ago and was excited to finally get to wear it (even if it was to the park).
We were blessed with a beautiful warm day.
Zoe called grandma to thank her for her presents.
We had a picnic and while we were eating a man came up and started talking to us.  In hearing that it was Zoe's birthday, he noted that he was a photographer for Irmo News and asked if he could take out picture and it might make it into the paper.  Very random, but it was nice to have her special day documented in this way.
Ezra was there with us....he just got cut off in the picture.  He did great and enjoyed his first outing at 10 days old.
It was so helpful for me, too, to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sun!
It was a fabulous afternoon.
The girls love to swing.  Even if they both still like the baby swing.  Lucky Zoe is so skinny she still fits.
Then that night, my parents came over and Zoe opened gifts from them and from us.
She was excited for the Aldi's find that Poppy gave her....little princesses!
The one thing that she asked for for her birthday - princess panties....wish granted....thanks Grammy.
Somebody in my parents' small group wanted to bring them a dinner (and us).  How thoughtful was that.  Zoe loved it (which is not common)!!!  We, then, had cupcakes for dessert (and Beach may or may not have shaped the crumbs into a mustache for Shiloh).  
It was a low keyed day but greatly enjoyed by all....most of all my birthday princess.
May your deeply sensitive soul continue to shine as bright as your smile.  

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