Saturday, March 29, 2014

The first week of Transitions with some trials

The area that I felt I was going to miss out on with having a home birth was the extra recuperating time at the hospital.  The hospital has its downsides for sure (like drawing your blood at 3:30am just because that was when their shift was...what!) but overall that time had been a really special bonding time in the past with the girls.  It was especially hard this time around because I was still getting over a sinus infection that even affected the way I heard higher pitch tones (besides the whole getting over the birth process - body healing pains).  BUT the time at home was still AMAZING (overall). 
 Beach was really good to me (no surprise there) and my dad brought me some Alive that first morning (yes, we had previously gotten rid of all our meds) and that helped take the edge off.  
I had even more snuggle time with this little man and Beach enjoyed it as well....especially not having to sleep on a small hospital couch.

My dad had three daughters and always wanted a boy, too.  Ezra is his first grandson, so he is pretty excited!  Teary eyed in first meeting him!
Our amazing chiropractor, Dr. Sarah Losby, came and adjusted us the next afternoon.  Ezra's spine needed little adjustment though.  This is the way that they check newborns.....pretty crazy, huh?  Thankful for all that she does and how she is changing our city.  
In that Zoe had a high fever on the day Ezra was born, our midwife, Jamie, recommended keeping the girls away until she was fever free for 24 hours.  Although, I was excited for them to meet him, I knew this was best (and more resting for me!).
Zoe uses a sweet soothing comforting voice in speaking to Ezra (one that I have never heard from her).  She let him know that he could help her open her birthday presents in a few days and explained that Shiloh couldn't.  Zoe really wanted to stand and hold him and was very glad when she was able to do so (with help of course).
Shiloh I was a lot more nervous about.  She is just so intense with everything, including her love.  It's amazing how she, at just two, can seem to understand that Ezra is her brother and that I'm not pregnant anymore.  If he is around, she really wants to touch and kiss his head repeatedly!

When Shiloh saw me nursing for the first time, she exclaimed, "My nursing!" It was just a few months ago that I stopped nursing her, so I'm sure she remembers.  When it was suggested that she could nurse her own doll, she grabbed her chest and exclaimed that, "No, I don't have any milk."  My smarty pants kid!

We often find ourselves calling Ezra, "buddy".  I suppose there are not a lot of boy nicknames but it seems to just come out.  Shiloh was upset when she heard us calling him that and repeatedly shook her head and exclaimed, "No no, not buddy".  When asked what she meant she pointed to him and told us he was baby Ezra.  We have since explained to her about that and she now thinks it is more of a game.
Mom brought us dinner all week and helped out sooooo very much (all the while having to balance out work, too).  Man I'm so thankful for this lady.  I'm not sure what I would do without her; she is the best and I wish I could be as loving and patient as she is!
My sister, Danielle, and her family came to visit, and Ezra hid his hands over his face in meeting his cousin, Adalyn. She didn't seem to mind. 
Danielle has been an awesome support with all my littles!
There has been lots and lots of snuggles and naps with this little one.  Really trying to rest up my body so I can get back to "normal".  He is the best snuggler!
My college roommate and friend has such a talent for photography in her growing business.  She lives so close by and we went when Ezra was 5 days old and he had a little session with her.
She had it nice and toasty in there to keep Ezra warm and sleepy.  It worked for Beach as well.
She captures some great shots.  One of the many things I learned that day....newborn shoots are very messy and you have to be patient with the process.  Let's just say I left and was glad I was going straight home, as my clothes were wet from Ezra not having on a diaper!
Another home adjustment that night....this time with some extra friends.  Don't the Losby's have the cutest kid!
I love how Beach enjoys being a father and is excited to finally have a son!
When we were taking a nap one day, Beach was sleeping holding Ezra's hand.  I managed to capture this picture without him knowing.  May they always have a tight bond!
Of course, all things haven't been perfect.  There have been a couple of occasions where my hormones went completely crazy, which resulted in much crying and being upset at things I knew were not reasonable.  I was nervous about this but it hasn't been to bad, so far.  It is just that it can come on completely unexpected.  Beach is supportive, but it usually leads to some type of "discussion"which takes awhile for us to sort out!
However, I wouldn't change having this amazing precious time with little man and his skinny leg self!

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