Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sleep and look cute for the camera!

My college roommate and friend, Leigh Esseig, has such a talent for photography in her growing business, Esseig Photography.  She lives about a mile away from us in Irmo, and we went when Ezra was 5 days old and he had a little session with her.  Our first outing out of the house!
The girls were there briefly for a few sibling shoots.
The girls were not in the best of moods, so I'm thankful for what Leigh was able to capture!
This really is their personalities, Zoe so nurturing and loving.
And Shiloh, also, so loving and hands on intense!
We've never had a full on newborn shoot before so I sure did learn a lot.
I enjoyed watching Leigh at work and her patience and enjoyment of the process.
She had it nice and toasty in there to keep Ezra warm and sleepy.  It worked for Beach as well.
One of the many things I learned that day....newborn shoots are very messy and you have to be patient with the process.  Let's just say when I left, I was glad to be going straight home, as my clothes were wet from Ezra not having on a diaper!

There were a few times we had to stop, so I could nurse and get little Ezra back to sleep and Leigh understood that was the way of the game.
Somebody was done with all the pictures a little early!
I mean could we even pick a favorite picture!  
We sure are excited and blessed to have this joy package and a great friend to capture such a special age in our little Ezra!

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