Friday, March 21, 2014

Most of March

Another full month, as we anticipate spring in the air and cozy up on the days where it is still freezing.  This is the month we have prepared both physically and emotionally for our new bundle to arrive, all the while enjoying our family of four.
We still love our morning breakfast complete with "coffee" for the littles.
The girls are so funny.  They like to "adjust" each other all the time and were even doing so on a bench outside!
We were able to host for dinner a special guest, Alex, who is from Africa and is a missionary there. So interesting hearing and thinking about what is happening on the other side of the world.
The girls enjoyed showing and telling him about their Bibles.  They were sweet and he seemed to enjoy it as well.
The girls will often do something silly, instruct me to take a picture and send it to daddy. 
This is his response one day.
The girls (and I) enjoy having visitors and bubbles of course. 
It is always fun when aunt Lauren is in town....and I can usually convince her into taking a walk.
The girls enjoyed showing her the stream down the street.
We celebrated "Aunt D's" birthday and Shiloh's birthday with the family.
Complete with black bean brownies (these are really good - even my dad likes them now) and presents.
"I'm a present!!!!!"  Monkey see, monkey do - always around here.
I don't care for this pic of me....but this is life.  My big old belly, reading the Bible before bedtime and crazy Shiloh.
Yahhhh for pretty days.  The girls and I went to the zoo with Danielle and her daughters.
It went surprisingly well and a good time for all.
Zoe talked the whole time about going to the "pink house" (on the whole other side of the zoo - across the river and having to involve a tram ride).
Lydia accommodated her request and put off her feeding. 
Dinners outside!!!
Fun playing on the golf course on night!
It was worth this big preggo getting on the ground to capture their joy, even if I did look rather silly!
I was in the kitchen one day when Zoe told me to "look at Shiloh" (she often does this when she thinks Shiloh is doing something wrong).  I walk in and find her like this.  Somehow she had gotten the laptop, sat down and was looking at FB!
 Time for a little walk around the lake and playing on the playground.
At 40 weeks my body feels huge and has contractions all the time (especially when walking).
 Let's be real, though, Beach pushed the stroller.  Zoe was not happy that she could not stay on the playground.
I love that my sister is able to watch our girls.  She recently got an iPhone...which means lots of fun pictures and collages.  This is great for this momma to get a glimpse of the fun times they are having while I'm at work. 
I also love that the cousins get to spend so much time together.

Being silly and having tummy time.
Early morning wake up pictures
and library time with Poppy.
Here is to an exciting month with many more changes to come...

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