Monday, September 22, 2014

.5 years old!

Dearest Ezra, a very half birthday to you!  And the cuteness and love continues!
You got to meet your Grandpa and Grandma this past month with their awesome visit.  Of course they didn't forget you will all the treasures they brought and you now get to rock out your own car.  It was perfect timing as your becoming more stable in sitting upright.
You still love your floor play time through.  Sometimes your daddy teaches you how to crawl.  You're beginning to get your little booty up to start the crawling process, but we probably have more work to do on that.  Rolling around gets you around a lot now!
You now grab anything in front of you....this has caused mommy to spill her coffee in her eggs and get her hair pulled a few times when she forgets!
You have been a bit more of a struggle at night time.  Not sure why but the swing is just not doing it for you anymore after the girls go to bed....which means more holding time for you.  Sometimes this makes mommy and daddy go to sleep too!
I LOVE to hear you giggle.  You seem to enjoy being tickled just as much as your sisters.  Although they can just make you laugh by doing silly things at times.  I love that, too, and how you get to interact more now together.  Your even big enough to sit in the stroller, too!
You love to catch someones eye and give them the biggest grin!  They seem to like that about you, too, and get excited for such a reaction.  Even when you came with me to the bus to pick up Zoe from school....all the students came to the door just to see you!
Your first word = Dada (and Daddy, too).  So clear and so precious!  I swear I, also, heard you say momma once....but we will wait to call that one to when it is consistent!  
I love you so much baby boy and try to soak up all our moments together!

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