Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Salutes

Finally!  Our kitchen is all red!  There is still work to be done....but it does feel so much better to have this huge step done!
Shiloh had her first one on one date with Poppy to the library.  Here she is waiting for her date.  They both had a blast!
One positive thing that I have been looking forward to a bit is more one on one time with Shiloh when Zoe is in school.  This is new for us and something that I think she has been craving even more lately.  The middle child syndrome is kicking in and I often think how I need to fill up her love tank, as her empty sign blinks very apparent sometimes. 
My girls love fruit....and to help momma in the kitchen.

We brought this yummy bowl to a friend's house for dinner.  Happy birthday sweet Sophia!
Rene captured this loving picture...anticipation of birthday treats!
And then, how did it get to be my birthday already?!
I just wanted a day to relax and enjoy time with my family.  Of course that meant cashing in on a free sub at Firehouses.
Then it was off to the park for a picnic.

 Although not the amazing weather I had hoped for....I was glad for a break in the rain.
Having more rain that night didn't stop me (and Zoe) from going to another food swap!  Some of the rewards:
Then it was back to the house to enjoy the end of a great USC game with the littles!
The next day we had a great family celebration.

Of course I had many helpers for present opening.
And mom knocked it out of the park again with a awesome birthday "cake".
So blessed to count this 35th birthday with the ones I love the most.
 Oh, and Danielle had a little one on one time with Shiloh which included making a card for this mommy!
One thing that is so fun about football season is it is a good chance to get together with friends.
Ezra helped with some teaching of how to handle having a baby....as there will be a new one in the Wells house come December.
They will do great!
So apparently Zoe has one day off from school a month.  And with a cooler not (as) rainy day, we headed for some cousin time at the zoo.
Zoe is never dramatic (she heard a funny noise).
Peek-a-boo Addy.

So apparently Addy and I did not know where to sit to make this a cute picture with the gorilla statue.

Ez hung out with his sweet self.

Having little crowds there meant that we fed some of the giraffes the lettuce that we found on the ground.
The girls were quickly scared, though, and the mommas tried to show how this was a fun experience, all the while taking some pictures.
They weren't really buying the fun aspect....but we did. Addy finally fed a giraffe a leaf while being held and looking the other way.
This year we participated in the Okra Strut Parade.
Addy and Poppy joined us and Ez stayed with Grammy (this year).
Shiloh began crying bawling, at one point during the parade, but cheered up when she could ride in the truck.
We handed out many flyers (except for this one that Addy held on to the entire time).

We all enjoyed the experience quite a bit, even when I knew I looked silly having to run alongside the truck pulling the wagon.
You will have to watch for us next year for more filers and coffee candy!

Danielle continues doing a awesome job babysitting my two littlest and taking some pictures of their time together.
These precious girls are bonding even more!
It makes my heart swell knowing that they are well cared for and getting to spend so much time together!
Dad has been helping, too, in filling in with watching the kids some.  He is loving it and getting pretty good at the selfies!
Randomness of a beautiful morning to finger paint outside (excuse Shiloh's finger of choice).

And healthy food can be really fun sometimes!
See you next month!

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