Monday, October 6, 2014

Mountain getaway

I'm pretty sure traveling is one of my main love that has to be put on hold most times at this stage in our lives.  This summer we tried to have one day at the beach but it fell through several times.  So when my mom suggested trying the mountains this fall....I was all in.
(Sorry Beach for this pic with your mouthful of food.)  Life has been very busy and stressful, and it was almost too much to think of adding in another thing.   But I'm so glad Beach convinced me that we really should try to make it happen.
So we packed a picnic and drove a couple of hours to a state park.
The air was nice and crisp, the sun blessing us, and I had a little boy to snuggle close with. 
Sometimes I can't believe that these are actually my kids!  
They all really enjoyed it!  Even my girl who doesn't really like being outside.  She was constantly posing for pictures.
I'm so thankful!
Being in nature, in His creation, is something that helps me to connect to our Heavenly Father.  I feel His presence so strongly and marvel at the beauty of His creative hand.
There is, also, something so special in being able to share such experiences with my own littles.  Hiking as a child was one of my favorite activities, it is almost surreal, now, to be doing it with the next generation!

It amazes me how babies can sleep so crazily sometimes!
We even came across some music in the woods. 
The girls were pretty sleepy and it was getting later, so I thought we could try to squeeze in a bigger waterfall about an hour away in hopes that they would sleep and we could still have some more outdoor fun.
We checked out Pearson Falls, another first, and it did not disappoint.
I'm really glad Zoe likes getting her picture taken does my dad.  He tried to get Shiloh to join in but her tired self was not feeling it.
Seriously, this place is beautiful!
How I love and am so thankful for my parents.
This big 2-year-old hung tough and really wanted to be carried.  But in seeing the steps....that applied to her (and gave momma a break)!
This picture cracks me up.  We parked next to this car and my dad took pictures with it before and after we got in the car!
The choices to eat near by were slim (ok this was our only choice).  A BBQ joint that our tables were not able to be together.  But they had coloring books! 
Little Ez is a nut....if he is awake...he is pretty happy but then can go to sleep really quickly!
Once we actually got to the hotel.  The girls had mixed reactions about staying there.  This picture was an effect of me jumping on the beds in an attempt to get them excited about out adventure.  Zoe did not appreciate it, as she was tired from falling asleep in the car.
Ez man enjoyed his night!
In that it was so cold outside....we had a slow morning and the men took the girls swimming (which was their favorite part of the trip).
There was a Trader Joes right near our hotel...which is exciting as we don't have have one near us at home.  So we popped in got some food for lunch (and a little bit of groceries to take home).
More car stop apple picking.
So the Skytop orchards was majorly crowded.  So much so that we just decided to have our picnic besides our car. Yes, crazy but trying just to have a positive attitude.

Nothing like sushi in an apple field.  As long as the sun shinning makes me smile.
Beach was ready to get to business!
My how they grow!
So little man is past the 2 foot mark!
There were wagon helpers for our mission.
Beach had an advantage on us.
And was even able to climb trees with Ez.
But Zoe did her share....and mainly enjoyed trying many of the apples.
The youngest apple of my eye.
So cute that each of the boys wanted a picture with him!
Ezra has yet to eat anything....but sure was trying hard with the apples.
I really like this family picture of us!
And with the grands!
And here is an outtake for ya....very typical Shiloh.....chinning Ezra (her head really is a weapon) and her intensity gets the better of her.  Lucky Ezra is pretty tough (although not enjoying this though!).  Sigh  (one of my challenges lately).
 Apple Success!
They have some fun animals to look at
and a bamboo forest.

Ez was impressed!

After playing on the playground for quite some time...

and taking a few more pictures....
the excitement built for special treat time!
Poppy waited over an hour for the amazing fresh made donuts!
And what a special treat it was!
So very thankful for this weekend getaway with the ones that warm my heart!

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  1. What a special weekend to spend in the upstate with some Lovelands. We had a wonderful time and made some good memories. Love you all!