Friday, October 31, 2014

More publicly accepted times of dressing up!

So I have written a previous blog about how my feelings regarding Halloween have changed since having children of my can check out here if you missed it, The black and whites of Halloween.  
 We didn't do a whole lot - and I actually would have liked to have done even more but life is pretty full right now; we enjoyed what we did do. 
Including going to a fall festival that they had right near our neighborhood. 
What you don't recognize Elsa?

We are really low key with the in they are wearing their dress up clothes that they pretty much wear everyday anyway.
Nothing says fun like a big face plant (glad we are under chiropractic care!)

Getting family pictures can be really stressful.

But we enjoyed our time going to greet and meet neighbors!
And the best treat was a surprise visit from uncle Donald on the way home!

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