Sunday, October 19, 2014

Part 1: Say What?!

So in that Zoe has not had a ton of expose to other children and school I knew that she would have some interesting takes and perspectives of I won't be surprised if this is a series in the making.
Zoe told us all about the boy that sits next to her on the bus.  After a week, she explained how he had pronounced his love for her and asks her to marry him each day.  When asked her opinion on the matter, she noted that she did not like him, due to the fact that she didn't' like his shirt or his face.  Oh, my.  I have found that she has very strong opinions about what people look like and if they do not met her standards (whatever that randomly happens to be) she will not talk to them.  Fortunately her opinion can change!

I admit that we try to eat little processed food and sugar in our house.  They provide snack at Zoe's school but have allowed Zo to bring her own (which I very much appreciate).  The first week she came home and noted that her classmates had eaten animal crackers and didn't get sick.  We have talked to her about how sugar breaks down your immune system but must have missed the part where this doesn't happen immediately.
Zoe helps to pack her lunch usually the night before.  One day she chose kale, yes kale, and packed it in her container while she sang about how she is so healthy and how it was a great idea for her lunch.  (I don't even like to eat just kale by itself).  Here is what after school looks like - her finishing her lunch (usually the veggies are last) and homework time.
On night, when tucking her in her bed she told me, "I think my teachers know about God."  She had been asking me if they knew about Him several times before.  I asked her how what made her think this and she explained that every day they talked about "behind God, behind God..." I didn't understand at first but after talking a bit more realized I had to further explain to her how the pledge of allegiance worked.
 I hate to admit it but there are are many times I get frustrated, really frustrated, mostly at the kids.  My sweet sensitive Zo is always quick to pick up on it.  Lately she has pulled a new trick.  Many times when she hears my tone, she will run to me and say through a hug, "I'm so glad you're my mommy!"  What?!!  It floored me the first few times this happened.  How can she be so glad that I'm her mom when I had not been very nice.  I wasn't glad to be a mommy like that!  Then I realized it's more grace.  More grace to me in a time that I surely did not deserve it.  Oh, Zoe, I'm so glad you're my Zoe!

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  1. This made me get teary-eyed! She's so special!