Wednesday, October 22, 2014

7 months in the books!

My little rolly polly.  By now I would hope that Ezra would be sitting up, but his core does not seem to be allowing that and timber he goes!  Part of that reason is because I think he loves to be on his tummy, as he can get around a lot more. 
Not always the direct route, Ezra is getting up on his knees now and pushing himself forward.  I think we will be in official crawl mode soon!
Ezra has found other things to stick in his mouth now, but it is still a sign that he is tired when we see him sucking his thumb.
In that he needs assistance to sit, he loves his bumbo and being a part of the action.
I couldn't believe it in putting him in the high chair for the first time!  How can this be happening so soon. My little man is not so little, as everyone likes to keep reminding me.  
Being third kid and all, we finally got around to your first food.  I have done research and have found that it is better to wait till 6 months anyway.  We have come along way since the grains that we first fed to your oldest sister (those are actually horrible on babies digestion) and have learned to how to soft boil some eggs just for this cute face!  It feels good knowing I'm giving him the best for his body and wish more people knew about this!
Although Ezra did tried to sneak some apples in :-) when we went picking!
My special loved boy, treasured more than he will ever know!

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