Friday, October 31, 2014

Glimpes of October

After the rounds of sickness seem to be done with our house....I am excited to return to getting in regular exercise.  This is powered by Loveland Coffee, YouTube videos and content children.
The kids love going to the's a special time when Zoe gets to go now too (as she is now almost always in school).  She usually gets some extra love from daddy along with her "coffee".
Some nights just call for the "easy route" in the form of green smoothies for dinner and popcorn and a movie.  Partly because of all the craziness! 
One of the best parts of colder weather = footie PJs.
I love getting the girls in on the pumpkin carving project.
And I love that they don't mind the messiness of it all anymore.
Beach worked hard and created a pumpkin that he knew they would love!
Zoe got chosen for an award at her school called the "Heart Act to Follow".
I wasn't sure how the littles would do going to the ceremony with me.
But the fact that my girls had some snacks that they never usually get helped!
Each child got their award and they explained why they were honored. 
Zoe earned hers for showing perseverance.  She wanted to make sure that she got done writing all of her letters, even when it meant sacrificing outdoor playground time.
This is a picture of all the kids from school that were honored. It is great that they focus on growing such positive qualities among the students!
Their "WOW" faces!
Zoe loves her teacher and wanted to show her the certificate!
Ezra has an affect on the ladies.  Enjoyed getting to meet another extended cousin!
Date nights are rare at this time in our lives....but I had found this groupon months ago (and had been on a waiting list) for throwing pottery.
 It was a nice time together for a mid-week date and we each got to create three pots! 
There is something so therapeutic about the feeling and process of the clay, almost a divine connection to the Creator!
Thankful that this man loves creating art as much as I do!
The only little amongst our family with a fall birthday!  Lydia turns one!  Special little girl!
The 2s enjoyed the cupcakes for sure! 
Poppy had the magic touch with rocking Ezra to sleep under the outdoor lights for a great way to end that night!
Sometimes a girl just needs to climb a tree.
Or ride a tractor.
It was a month of blessing others and receiving to pass around the love!

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