Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Slight Edge

I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, a lot.  Especially now that I'm at home it can be so hard to feel like I accomplish anything when I'm drowning in the mundane everyday things! (Sigh clean eating!) Does this even matter, am I getting anywhere, and where is it that I'm trying to go in the first place?  Oh wait, what was I thinking...or saying... or doing? (Thinking times are often interrupted - which makes it even harder!)...I think I need a nap!
Perhaps it is partly because I do have many areas in my life that I would like to grow and things I would like to do.  But so little resources to get to them.  However, I have started (and amazingly almost finished now) a book that has really helped, The Slight Edge.  It's all about finding success (whether that is with your health, finances, relationships or whatever) in the small daily actions that you take.  That your choices each day DO matter and they are what matter the most!  

This spoke to my soul so strongly, as what gets me down the most and makes me feel depressed is the wave of not feeling like I have a purpose.  I mean I KNOW I have a purpose when I look at those sweet faces that call me mommy (over and over again), but I sometimes don't FEEL like I do.  So even though the steps that I take are small and may seem insignificant.....they aren't - they are what will determine my future (along with a lot of God's grace).  So here's to getting up again to work out on my own, to making healthier choices, to being in the Word daily, to 10 pages of personal reading, to my spinal care, to drinking all that water, to engage my mind, to counting thanks, to encouraging others, to writing a little each day on my blog, to teaching about essential oils, to reading that book (again) to my child, to making healthy meals and not getting take-out, to being present in the moment.  I will make that choice today....not worrying about tomorrow or the mountain that is ahead of me, but today.  Are you accomplishing your Slight Edge?  Pick up a copy or I will lend you mine!

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  1. I would love to borrow :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts- they hit home and I admire all the little things you do every day and how you live to honor God. I love you!