Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Decade Dance

I've know my BFF for a long time.....over 20 years now (which feels like a lot when I thought I was only 20 a couple of years ago).  For our 8 year anniversary we had an awesome trip to Asheville.  Last year we had a fun intown date. We celebrate 10 years of marriage, though, now! (Planning a weekend getaway next month - I can't wait!) Let me tell you this man loves me.  From the time we were 15 years-old, he told his mom I was the one.
I'm hard to deal with, at times, especially in the early years of our marriage.  The depression that sometimes rears it's ugly head, my emotions and being a girl, my analytical nature that does not compute in his mind, my controlling tendency and all around sinful fleshly nature.
But then there is grace and a lot of it!  Beach loves me something fierce.  He serves me and often lays down his pride first to apologize (OK - more like every time).  His love for me reminds me of Christ's love, the way that He pursues me when I JUST DON'T DESERVE IT!  I totally get how relationships don't last, I'm sick of my own self when I get in the funk.  But there is grace... and when there is grace it washes over you in such an amazing way.
I am so thankful for the way that the Lord has knitted my heart together with the man I will spend our forever with, and that he continues to love me so that the forever is truly forever!

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